In search of ladino

Produced by: The Israel Film Service.
2017 Restoration produced by: Yael Perlov and The Yad Vashem Visual Center.
In Cooperation with: The Perlov Family, The Israel film service, and with the support of The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project, The Israel Film Council and The Ministry of Culture and Sport and documenta14.

This unique cinematic piece about language, memory and identity follows Ladino speakers—their culture, their memories and their hopes for the future of their mother tongue. In Search of Ladino is a forgotten landmark of Holocaust cinematography, one of the first films to show Ladino speaking Holocaust survivors in Israel and to document their testimonies and songs. The film was meant to be part of a trilogy about languages—Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino—but David Perlov never managed to make the other two. Perlov avoids being didactic. Focusing his gaze on the faces of his subjects and listening carefully to their stories and songs, he creates a film that brings the richness and diversity of Ladino culture back to life.

Presentation and Q&A with Yael Perlov y Liat Benhabib

David Perlov
Israel, 1981
Premiere in Catalonia

Thursday 17/9 – 20.00h
Sala Chomón