The Muses Of Bashevis Singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer, the famous Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize winner wrote with a ‘harem’ of dozens of translators behind him. Beyond simple translators, these women were a vital source of his creativity. The inspiration he drew from them came in many forms, often mixing romance with professional aspirations. Today nine remain to tell his story. Intimate, poignant interviews and exclusive archival footage combine to form the unknown story of an author who charmed and enchanted his audiences, just as he charmed and enchanted his translators. A film about the art of translation and one of the great figures of twentieth century literature.

Presented by Rhoda Henelde Abecassís

Rhoda Henelde Abecasís: Rhoda Henelde (Warsaw, 1937), was formed in the United States, being Yiddish her native family language. She has a degree in English and Romance Literature, with a specialty in Yiddish Literature; In addition, she has a diploma as an English-Hebrew-English Translator (Bar Ilan University). Her professional career in Spain includes teaching in specialized Hebrew-Spanish translation at the School of Translators of Toledo, and the publication of various articles in the Jewish Culture magazine Raíces, as well as in Isegoría, the journal of the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC; she has been giving conferences and coordinating seminars on Yiddish language and literature for more than a decade. Since the year 2000 she translates mainly to authors in the Yiddish language together with her husband, Jacob Abecasís.

In collaboration with Séfer Barcelona

Shaul Betser and Asaf Galay
Israel, 2014

Saturday September 21th – 18.30h
Sala Laya