Morocco had a Jewish population of over 300,000 people until the 1950s. From then until just after the Six-Day War in June 1967, they emigrated en masse to countries such as France, Israel and the United States. The family of filmmaker Simone Bitton settled in France. In Morocco, the Ziyara (pilgrimage to the holy places) is a popular tradition shared by Jews and Muslims. As part of a cinematic pilgrimage to her Jewish roots, director Simone Bitton embarks on a road trip through Morocco to meet with the Muslim guardians of the country’s Jewish memory, and one of them asks: what would Morocco be like today if the Jews had stayed?
Simone Bitton
France, Morocco, Belgium 2020
99 min.

Sunday 9/10 – 18.00h
Sala Chomón

Wednesday 12/10 – 21.00h
Sala Laya