The Interpreter

80-year-old interpreter Ali Ungár travels to Vienna in search of the former Nazi officer who might have executed his parents in Slovakia. He finds only his son Georg, a bon vivant retiree who has distanced himself from his father’s past. But Ali’s visit awakens his interest, and the two men take off on a journey across Slovakia in search of surviving witnesses of the wartime tragedy. Their different views and life experiences result in both tensions and comic moments. For the two men, it’s a bittersweet road trip on which they discover deep unresolved conflicts being washed ashore in new forms.

Slovakian Film and Television Academy. Best 2018 film

Martin Šulík
Slovak Republic-Czech Republic-Austria, 2018

Peter Simonischek, Jirí Menzel, Zuzana Mauréry, Anna Rakovska, Eva Kramerová.

Thursday September 19th – 20.00h
Sala Chomón

Wednesday September 25th – 21.30h
Sala Laya