Actress and screenwriter Aurélie Saada makes her directorial debut with this film. A bid for life and a reminder that it is never too late to pursue happiness. The family patriarch’s birthday joy turns to grief when he suddenly dies, leaving his devoted wife Rose (the legendary Françoise Fabian) unsure how to cope with her life at almost 80 years old. Gradually Rose begins to stand up for her desires and pursue her longings, rejecting the social pressure to act her age, discovering that she can still redefine herself as a woman, while the family balance collapses.
Aurélie Saada
France 2021
102 min.

Françoise Fabian, Aure Atika, Grègory Montel, Damien Chapelle, Pascal Elbé, Mehdi Nebboy

Sunday 9/10 – 21.00h
Sala Chomón

Thursday 13/10 – 17.00h
Sala Chomón

Sunday 20/11 – 19.00h
Born CCM

Thursday 27/10 – 20.00h
Cinema Truffaut Girona