Pilsēta pie upes (The Sign Painter)

Ansis makes his living as a sign painter, a seemingly innocent trade, but very necessary for any authoritarian regime of the 1930s. Ansis is forced to cooperate: he paints the signs of his town first in green, then in red upon arrival of the communists and in black when the Nazis arrive. Meanwhile he is trapped in a love triangle. In love with the Jewess Zisla, whom he cannot marry for religious and social reasons, he meets a Latvian woman who steals his heart. Historical events transform the perspective of relationships. Zisla becomes a class enemy, a communist, and Ansis’s relationship with the two women becomes explosive when Zisla is hunted by the Nazis.

Viesturs Kairish
Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, 2020
112 min.

Davis Suharevskis, Brigita Cmuntová, Agnese Cirule

Thursday 7/10 – 16.30h
Sala Laya

Saturday 9/10 – 19.30h
Sala Laya