Nachbarn (Neighbours)

In a village on the Turkish-Syrian border in the 1980s, little Sero begins his first year of school, jokes with friends, dreams of having a television to watch cartoons and also witnesses how the adults around him are overcome by nationalist despotism and violence. A new teacher from Damascus arrives at the school, his goal is to turn Kurdish children into pan-Arab comrades, prohibit the Kurdish language and preach hatred of Jews, the “Zionist enemies”. These classes upset little Sero, since his neighbors and lifelong friends are a Jewish family. Mano Khalil portrays with a subtle sense of humor and much satire Sero’s childhood during the Assad dictatorship, and extends to the current situation in Syria.

Mano Khalil
Switzerland, France 2021
124 min.

Nasima Aldaher, Serhed Khalil, Jay Abdo, Derya Uygurlar, Tuna Dwek, Jalal Altawil

Thursday 14/10 – 17.00h
Sala Chomón

Wednesday 20/10 – 20.00h
Sala Chomón