Eva Neymann / Ukraine 2015 /76 min / DCP / V.O.S.C.
Milena Tsibulskaya, Yevheniy Kogan, Arina Postolova-Tihipko, Arseniy Semenov

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Sunday 17/9 19.30h
[mini-icon icon=”map-marker”] Sala Laya – Filmoteca de Catalunya
[mini-icon icon=”time”] Tuesday 26/9 20.00h
[mini-icon icon=”map-marker”] Sala Chomón – Filmoteca de Catalunya

[mini-icon icon=”play-circle”] Fiction

[mini-icon icon=”certificate”] Release in Spain

1905. A Jewish Shtetl. A boy and a girl fell in love with each other in childhood without even realizing clearly that they were happy in this simple, unconcealed, childish love. The story of this love is simple. The children grew up. Shimek, the young man, didn’t want to follow his father’s footsteps, so he chose his own way and left his father’s house. He forgot Buzya. It is only years later, when he receives the news that she is to be married off to some one else, that Shimek returns to his native town where nothing seems to have changed, except his house became somewhat smaller, his father’s bear got more grey, and as though his mother became shorter. As for Buzya, she has not changed a bit. She grew up and became beautiful. More beautiful than ever. Shimek realizes now that he loves her with all his heart. Buzya’s eyes give her away as well. He tries to get his happiness back. It seems as though Buzya doesn’t want to hear his declaration, she just points her hand to the sky, to the setting sun, and says: “It is late. Look, how late it is!”. Although it seems that nothing has changed in the small town, something is gone forever.

Based in the works from Sholem Aleichem


FIPRESCI Prize – Eva Neymann – Fribourg International Film Festival
Award of Ecumenical Jury – Special Mention – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015
Special Jury Prize
Best Screenplay – Eva Neymann – Nashville Film Festival 2016
Golden Duke – Eva Neymann – Odessa International Film Festival 2015


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28 July, 2017

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