Film starts in 1941 with Lietukis garage massacre. It’s one of the first acts of the Holocaust carried out not by Germans but Lithuanians. Our main character Andrius Gluosnis kills a Jew Isaac who he believes reported him to NKVD, accusing Gluosnis of being a nationalist and putting in jail. Years later in Soviet Lithuania Gluosnis’ friend movie director Gutauskas returns from the USA with a screenplay for a film. The script portrays the garage massacre in great detail. His screenplay is taken as evidence in the investigation launched by the KGB. Gluosnis becomes obsessed with the images of the past, which only increase his feeling of guilt.

Jurgis Matulevicius
Lithuania, 2019
91 min.

Friday 8/10 – 16.30h
Sala Laya

Sunday 10/10 – 20.00h
Sala Chomón