Doña Francisquita

Hans Behrendt / Spain 1934 / 93 min / 35 mm / VO
Raquel Rodrigo, Fernando Cortés, Antonio Palacios, Matilde Vázquez, Manuel Vico, Félix de Pomés, Antonia Arévalo, Francisco Cejuela, Arturo Duarte, Andrés Carranque de los Ríos.

[mini-icon icon=”time”] Tuesday 12/9 17.00h
[mini-icon icon=”map-marker”] Sala Chomón – Filmoteca de Catalunya
[mini-icon icon=”play-circle”] Fiction

Francisquita tries to seduce a man of success, who lives off his attraction and who is also dazzled by another woman

Advertising Spots of Josep Serra Massana

Presentation and subsequent lecture by Mark Oliver

David Oliver, founder of Ibérica Films, was born in 1880 in Eastern Galicia, in a Jewish family forced to flee the pogroms to settle in Bremen in 1905. Interested in the nascent film industry, he developed a large network of cinemas from Amsterdam to Budapest and, in 1915, he owned 25% of the German market. Two years later, he was one of the founders of the UFA studios, and in 1919 he created the production company from which the masterpieces of Ernest Lubitsch or the celebrated Das Kabinet des Dr. Caligari would emerge. Without abandoning the exhibition sector, in 1929 he built the largest cinema in Europe, in Hamburg. In 1934, shortly after the arrival of Hitler to the power, undergoes an attack in Berlin and decides to exile itself in republican Spain. Installed in Barcelona, he founded the production company Ibérica Films, but the outbreak of the Civil War forced him to leave to London where, with Alexander Korda, he created the Denham Studios and remained linked to the film industry until his death in 1947. Five years ago, his grandson Mark Oliver found a suitcase in Vancouver containing abundant documentation of his grandfather’s story. It was the beginning of an investigation, still in progress, destined to a documentary that he directs himself, Mr. Oliver, The Story of a Film Family, that aims to be, simultaneously, the biography of a film pioneer but also the role that his family had.

Collaborate: Goethe Institut Barcelona


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31 July, 2017

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