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Project Description

Spain, France 2015 / Luis Ortas / 76 min. / BluRay / V.O.S.C.

19.00 hs.
 Institut Francès de Barcelona.

Premiere in Barcelona

One man, multiple identities and the incredible story of survival. Siegfried Meir has experienced both a harrowing childhood, and the exhilarations of success. He was a blond blue-eyed child who survived both Auschwitz and Mathausen. After the War he was adopted by a leading Spanish soccer player and went on to become a successful French crooner, fashion promoter and colorful resident of Ibiza. Now, at the age of 80, Meir looks back and declares, “Forgetting is the only revenge, and the only form of forgiveness”. An exceptional story of resilience and survival.

With the presence of the director

Canal Plus Award Documenta Madrid

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